Looking into the inner of operational thermal units

Insulcon’s Hot Endoscopy Inspection Service, enables "full operation monitoring" of refractory lining condition in thermal units like: ethylene cracking furnaces, primary reformers, super heaters, hot gas ducts, incinerators, boilers, tunnel kilns, etc. Inner furnace areas, including burners, process tubes, supports, etc. which can't be viewed through peep holes, can be inspected in detail at temperatures of max. 1300°C. These kind of inspections may result in postponing a shut down, or in case of determined serious damages, result in a Hot Spot Repair (www.insulcon.com).

Mentioned thermal units are critical sections in refineries, petro-chemical, power-, incinerating and production plants. An unscheduled shut down, caused by dropped out refractory lining, failing burner(s) resulting in hot spots, unstable supports and perforated process tubes, may force plant management to an unscheduled shut down against dramatically high unexpected costs!

Insulcon’s Hot Endoscopy Service is a great tool to prevent unforeseen "cost explosions". With our 2,5 m water and compressed air cooled lance cam we may penetrate through a small hole in the furnace casing resulting in a direct clear view on a portable monitor which also record the data for later analysis. The recorded video and foto shots are presented on DVD or USB stick and direct actions can be discussed and arranged in close corporation with plant operation, maintenance and safety representatives. 

So if your infrared scan detects (growing) hot spots or casing plate temperature rises over designed limits, an Insulcon Hot Endoscopy will be the first step to prevent further calamity's!

Please contact us for further advice. For more information, please visit our website www.insulcon.com or our YouTube demonstration movies. You can also contact us by phone +31 167-565750 or by mail info@insulcon.com. As follow-up to this inspection service Insulcon offers the Hot Spot Repair Service which will be discussed in the next blog.