The Insulcon Group

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  • Refrex® products (till 1600°C)

    Refrex® fabric is woven out of threads made out of different rovings. The rovings are assembled out of a specified number of endless Refrex® filaments with a fiber-diameter of 10-12 micron. No binders are added only a sizing, a temporarily coating which protects the Refrex® fibers during the weave process. Refrex® 1200 and 1400 filaments and textiles are non-oxidizing, non hygroscopic, chemically resistant, have a low conductivity and a good abrasion resistance.

    Refrex® products can be used as a lining system, as a heatshield to prevent overheating of tube skin surfaces of radiant coils and reformer-tubes and to reduce surface temperature on other furnace internals, as zonedivider a hanging, “flexible wall” from the roof of a furnace to split up the furnace in several areas, etc. Using the special Refrex® fabric, we manufacture several custom made Refrex® products: