Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows

Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows are pre-fab, custom made, flexible protrusion seals to be installed in a roof opening with one or more process tube penetrations. Suitable up to 1350°C.

Due to the flexible high temperature fabrics the tubes can easily move in the requested directions. Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows save a lot of energy (high reduction of cold air ingress). Cold air ingress is reduced to a minimum. Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows have a rapid return on investment (ROI) - calculation is available on request.

Complicated high temperature tube passings, through roofs or walls can be flexible sealed by Insulcon’s Refrex® Mono or Multi Tube Bellows.

Experienced engineers

Since 1984 Insulcon’s Wearflex® Division started to develop high temperature flexible tube-seals for ethylene crackers, reformers, crude heaters, etc. for several multi-nationals. Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows are applied now for many years in Naphtha- and Ethylene Cracking, Reforming-, and Platforming furnaces, Visbreakers, Crude heaters and all kind of process heaters. 

Our database of success, know-how and our range of technical fabrics, allow the Wearflex® division to select the ideal combination of materials to produce an end product with guaranteed optimal service life. Based on Insulcon’s worldwide experience with high temperature woven fabrics, the Refrex® woven fabric types were selected to be the best materials for the (HT) Bellows.

Well-established engineering companies as well as several (petro-) chemical multinationals are on our reference list. These can be obtained from our Department Marketing. 

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