Isofrax® 1400 a revolutionary body-soluble fiber

Isofrax® 1400 a revolutionary fiber with a classification temperature of 1400°C

There is a growing demand for body-soluble high temperature resistant blankets. Isofrax® 1400 is a new product that fulfills this demand and at the same time has a classification temperature of 1400°C.

Isofrax® 1400 blankets are standard available in different densities (96 kg/m³, 128 kg/m³ and 160 k/m³). At our plant in Steenbergen, the Netherlands we can produce customized die-cut parts, blanket strips and Isofrax® 1400 modules.

 Isofrax® 1400 products contain excellent characteristics such as a high melting point (>1500°C), low shrinkage (<3% at 1400°C) and an excellent thermal conductivity (high k-value). Due to the high body-solubility of its fibers, Isofrax® 1400 does not represent any health hazard according to Nota Q (EC) Nr. 1272/2008. Therefore no specific labelling of packaging or specific processing conditions are necessary.

Are you looking for a high temperature body-soluble insulation for your application?  Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or a sample.